Sunday at 9 – Wydział Remontowy

A night at Wydział Remontowy is always a wild ride. It’s a venue that embodies the essence of underground music, where the stage is close enough to high-five the performers. Last night was no exception, with a lineup that promised more metal riffs than a rollercoaster ride.

The lineup for the evening was promising – a double bill featuring Source of Mary from Tri-City and bHP from Warsaw, leading up to the headliner, Sunday at 9. The room buzzed with excitement as the first act took the stage.

The evening kicked off with Source of Mary from Tri-City, the band’s sound enveloped the audience like a mist, starting the evening is the most perfect of manners.

Following up was bHP, representing the vibrant music scene of the capital. Their performance was a punchy affair, filled with gritty guitar riffs and infectious rhythms. The Warsaw spirit was alive and kicking as they tore through their set with gusto, leaving the crowd hungry for more.

And then came the moment we had been waiting for – Sunday at 9. This band wastes no time in making their mark. With a short but impactful set, they unleashed a barrage of direct ferocious songs that hit like a perfectly executed jab. The stage crackled with their energy, each note delivered with precision and a touch of delicacy that belied their raw power. Their strike us hit like a polite slap in the face – direct and to the point, leaving us wondering if it was all just a fever dream.

What makes Wydział Remontowy special is not just its size or atmosphere, but the closeness you feel to the music. Here, the stage is not a distant spectacle but an intimate space where performers and audience become one. It’s a place where bands like we had last night can shine brightly, leaving us with memories of a sweaty night well spent in the company of true underground artists.

If you haven’t experienced a concert here yet, you’re missing out on one of the city’s best-kept “secrets”. A venue that embodies the raw energy and closeness of the underground music scene like nowhere else.

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