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A Night with Clan of Xymox, the Dark Romantics

In the dimly lit caverns of the underground music scene, where shadows dance to the haunting melodies of the night, there exists a beacon of dark romanticism – Clan of Xymox. A band I discovered in the 80’s along Lush, Blue Aeroplanes and many others during “Les Nocturnes” on RTL, a french radio. This late-night show that could last hours offered something for every musical taste. It was at times tranquil and intimate, a sanctuary of sound, and definitively a place that shaped some of my taste in music.

Listening for Clan of Xymox for the first time during those very late hours, with this atmosphere created by George Lang, was something so utterly fitting.

Last night, they graced the stage of B90. Originally planned to perform in the intimate and smaller Drizzly Grizzly, the demand for their haunting melodies proved too great to be contained within its walls. With their cult-like following in Poland, it was no surprise that the venue was swiftly upgraded to the larger B90, just a door away.

The concert kicked off a bit later than expected, likely due to the large crowd of fans waiting eagerly outside the venue. The line stretched long and comprised fans of all ages, proving Clan of Xymox‘s enduring relevance and broad appeal across generations. It’s puzzling why they never gained more mainstream recognition, given the undeniable quality of their music.

After an hour of an outstanding performance that concluded with “A Day” surprisingly, some “fans” left early, perhaps unaware of the customary encore tradition. Nonetheless, Clan of Xymox treated us to not just one, but two encores, featuring tracks like “Muscoviet Mosquito” and “Lockdown“.

Clan of Xymox‘s music isn’t solely about melancholy and sadness; it possesses a unique ability to uplift and energize me, drawing me into a state of introspection while also inspiring movement. As I listened to their music after capturing some photographs, I felt my body compelled to sway and dance, effortlessly following the infectious rhythm they create. Their music isn’t just dark; it’s layered with emotion and depth, characterized by deep, atmospheric melodies and pulsating beats. It’s a sound that resonates deeply with me, stirring both my soul and my body.

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