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For over a decade, We Shoot Music has been reporting on the Tricity music scene, capturing the vibrant energy of live performances and bringing the spotlight to both local bands and renowned artists. Our platform is a dynamic celebration of music, offering an eclectic mix of articles about concerts, interviews, reviews and in-depth articles that resonate with the rhythm of the city and beyond.

in 2024, our team has expanded with the addition of a talented photographer, Anna Chauvet, whose passion and expertise have only enriched the quality of our live coverage. With her on board, we continue to amplify our voice and reach, aspiring to connect with more music enthusiasts and broaden our community.

At We Shoot Music, we are committed to growth and innovation. Our goal is to not only maintain the high standard of our articles and photographic content but to elevate it, capturing the essence of music in every shot and word.

Join us on this melodious journey, as we aim to photograph more bands, cover more ground, and share the symphony of stories that the music world has to offer. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a newcomer to our site, we invite you to be part of our expanding circle of music lovers.

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  • I’m Yannick, a concert photographer from northern Poland. For over a decade, I’ve been in the thick of rock and metal shows, dodging flying beer cans and crowdsurfers to capture the wild energy of live performances. I've had the privilege (and a few bruises) of snapping some of the most electrifying moments on stage, fully immersing myself in the raw power and dynamic atmosphere of these events. Driven by my passion for music and photography, I specialize in capturing the essence of rock and metal concerts, freezing those adrenaline-fueled moments that define the genre. I aim to showcase the artistry and energy of the musicians, as well as the fervor of their devoted audiences.