New Model Army – B90

Forget your manufactured boyband and your disposable pop princesses. In a world of fleeting musical trends, New Model Army stands as a defiant monolith, a rebellious force standing against the tide. This Bradford-born beast has been churning out intelligent, genre-bending rock-post-punk-folk-whatever-the genre for over four decades, proving that there’s more to British music than boiled lamb and mint sauce.

New Model Army‘s music is a potent cocktail of punk energy, folk melodies, and social commentary that punches you right in the gut. Their lyrics tackle war, injustice, and the human condition with unflinching honesty, a stark contrast to the sugar-coated escapism peddled by the mainstream. And you know how much we love that rebellious spirit at We Shoot Music!

New Model Army emerged during the politically charged landscape of the early ’80s, a period marked by social unrest and the clash of ideologies. The band’s name itself pays homage to a 17th-century British military force, reflecting their commitment to challenging the status quo. Drawing inspiration from the punk movement, yet refusing to be confined by its constraints, New Model Army embarked on a musical journey that would transcend genres and captivate audiences across the globe.

New Model Army played at B90 last Monday. The band delivered a powerful performance, and the lead singer expressed gratitude to the resilient crowd for having the courage to be there despite the cold and rainy evening. The playlist offered an engaging overview of their hits, ranging from the lasting spirit of “Coming or Going” to the raw energy of “Deserters”. The diverse selection showcased the band’s musical journey, leaving the audience with a memorable and immersive experience.

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