Sea You Music Showcase 2024 – Day Two

Sea You Music Showcase is a three-day festival held in Gdańsk, Poland, and concluded that last Saturday with a series of workshops, panels, and concerts by Tri-City musicians.

Years after years, we managed to see what Tri-City has the best to offer. And this event is much needed (see our article on The Sound of Tri-City).

The festival, which is mainly an industry event for performers to get noticed by a wider audience and learn from experts, featured a diverse and quality selection of artists, ranging from alternative rock to synth-pop.

This year, the first day of the festival took place in the newly opened City Institute of Culture. It was free entrance and during that day, you could see some discussions about what it is to be a professional musician, or the necessity & importance of having lyrics in a song.

The evening finished with a concert “The Tri-City Stage Plays Tri-City Songs”. Unfortunately, we could not attend the evening, so in fact our live report on this festival will start with the second day, which took place in Theatre Shakespear.

It kicked off on Friday, displaying a diverse range of bands and musical styles that left attendees buzzing with excitement.

It was a bustling affair, with a lively atmosphere permeating every corner. The scheduling of the concerts was cleverly orchestrated, ensuring that as one act wound down on the main stage, another burst to life on the smaller stage, and vice versa. This setup allowed attendees to navigate between performances, discovering new energies and vibes along the way.

One of the festival’s standout features was its genre diversity. From light-hearted pop to experimental improvisations and primal folk, the lineup offered something for everyone, encouraging festivalgoers to expand their musical horizons and immerse themselves in the Tri-City music scene.

From all the bands we saw that first day, here are the ones that will have a lasting effect on me.

Seweryn and his band transformed the stage into a haven of light-heartedness and joy. Their music was like a sunny day after a long winter, filling the air with a sense of renewal and happiness. The infectious energy radiating from Seweryn and his fellow musicians uplifted the entire crowd, turning the performance into a collective celebration of life and music.

Nene Heroine‘s came back after last year, on the big stage this time, and their set was a delightful journey of musical exploration. It felt like they were painting with sound, each note an artistic stroke that added depth and intrigue to their performance. The experimental nature of their music kept everyone on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the next surprise. It was improvisation at its finest, with a lasting impression of creativity and innovation.

If there was a way to bottle energy, Żółw would have the secret formula. Their performance was a whirlwind of excitement and interaction, with the band members feeding off the crowd’s enthusiasm as much as the crowd fed off theirs. It was a controlled explosion of passion and musical prowess, leaving everyone breathless yet exhilarated.

Chrust‘s folk-infused journey was a nostalgic trip to the roots of humanity. The earthy aroma of hay combined with the heartfelt melodies transported me to a timeless place, where the echoes of ancestors seemed to mingle with the present. It was more than music; it was a profound experience that resonated with my soul, reminding me of my connection to nature and tradition.

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