Schizma – Amber Expo

What a better way to end a tattoo konwent than with the most interesting hardcore band in Poland?

Schizma is from Bydgoszcz, a city rather well known for its beautiful post modern style opera house – I’m sarcastic here, and I may even make myself some ennemies.

So thanks, Shizma is from there. A very fine hardcore punk band which has been raging in Poland for more than 30 years. Fast paced songs, some even gone in 60 seconds or less, I’m sure, and a singer that is definitively on Red Bull since the morning.

Hardcore & punk music can be really refreshing after a long string of metal concerts. It’s pure music, no artifice, stage effects, disguise or mysterious white smoke. It’s only fecking energy and music.

I mean, I love metal concerts, there is no doubts about that. But I was raised on punk. It’s music from the guts.

So yeah, I really loved that concert.

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