Panzerfaust, Velnias & Odium Humani Generis – Drizzly Grizzly

What a blast of an evening with Panzerfaust, Velnias & Odium Humani Generis in Drizzly Grizzly in front of a fantastic crowd.

The Poles Odium Humani Generis kicked off the evening in the most darkish and intense way. The singer is quite impressive and with the low light, even scary, looking like a werewolf of sort. And what about the guitarist? Who had a stare like he just had left the asylum. Fortunately, they are not only visually impressive, as their music gave us a certain dark arousing, setting us up for the rest of the evening. They are not playing only loud and fast, but also atmospheric, depressive and they even add some hints of melody to some of their songs. It was a great support gig.

If you enjoyed over-10-minutes-long doom blackened folk masterpieces, the Americans Velnias were for you – as it was definitively for us. This is when the light started to fade out, and getting more red, more dark, with more smoke coming from hell. Powerful and electrifying music.

Finally, the headliners Panzerfaust. From Canada. A mysterious band whose lead singer stands behind the drummer, on an altar, with a mask, hood and gloves. The light went totally dark, the fog was intense, the music was impressive, the drummer total crazy… As their name suggest, it was like a fist of steel throwing a powerful punch in your face. Intense gig that knocked us out.

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