Zespół Sztylety – New Album “Tak Będzie Lepiej”

Polish noise rock band Zespół Sztylety returns with their second full-length album. Drawing on elements of Alternative, Noise Rock, Emo Punk, and even Metal, the album will surely be a sonic tour-de-force that pushes the boundaries of what Noise Rock can be. The premiere of the album by Piranha Music is scheduled for around October the 10th this year. The release is already available for pre-order here: www.piranha-music.com.

Meanwhile, they released their first single – “Blask“, and below the video, you will find the lyrics in English.

Blask” could have several meanings, and after listening to the song and translating the lyrics, may be the best translation would be “Glare.” This is because the song is about the narrator being blinded by the light of the sun, which is a metaphor for his addiction or trauma.

The word “Glare” has a number of negative connotations, such as being harsh, blinding, and uncomfortable. This is fitting for the song, as the narrator is struggling with something that is causing them a lot of pain and suffering.


I know I broke my promise
An unwritten law between you and me
Like Icarus, the sun punished me
A harsh voice like a hermit
With burned skin, blinded by the light
I want to escape to the safe darkness
The punishment will return as usual in the morning
I am trapped in infinity

I know I can break the chain
I don't know how to do it, I don't know how to forget

There are beach umbrellas and sunscreen
Sunglasses, very cold places
Sunscreen asylums, really quiet tombs
I sat there like a vampire, I lived there like a vampire
But the punishment reached me every time
When I looked at the sun through a crack
I tried, I gave it my all
I can't live in the dark, I wanted so much

I know I can break the chain
I don't know how to do it, I don't know how to forget

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