Lost Society, Sólstafir and Amorphis – B90

The concerts last night in B90 unfolded as a metal feast, featuring the dynamic performances of Lost Society, the emotional Sólstafir, and the captivating set by Amorphis, creating an immersive experience for all metal enthusiasts in attendance.

Let’s kick things off with a salute to Lost Society. Just a few months back, they rocked the main stage at Mystic Festival on a sunny June afternoon. Last night, they opened the show for what turned out to be an exceptional evening of Metal. Lost Society made it clear they are a force to be reckoned with; their concerts are a burst of high-octane metal. The lead singer is a total showman, entertaining the crowd, leaping and bouncing as if the ground were a sea of lava. As an opening act, they truly set the crowd on fire!

Then, the plat-de-résistance, the mighty Sólstafir. I caught these guys at Mystic last year, and they left a mark on me that stuck. There was no doubt in my mind that I had to attend their concert one more time, even if it meant temporarily confining my offspring to the attic. Sólstafir ain’t just a band; they are like freaking architects of vibes, shaping sounds and stirring up raw emotions. There is something about the voice, or maybe it’s the language, that strikes a chord within me. Their music serves as a voyage through the Icelandic scenery – a venture into shadowy, atmospheric, and exquisite realms, guiding you to unfamiliar places. Utterly enchanting. Experiencing their concert for the second time, I’m once again swept away by the sheer brilliance of their performance.

They were nothing short of extraordinary as usual. They can be dark and impenetrable, but also playful when interacting with the public, like an intimate dance between performers and audience. In the final song, as the crescendo reached its zenith, the singer descended from the stage, shaking hands with fans in a ritualistic exchange of energy. It was a moment of communion, breaking down the barriers between performer and spectator, transforming the concert into a collective experience.

After the emotional journey shared with Sólstafir, Amorphis faced the challenging task of maintaining the night’s fervor. Their concert, which was indeed very good, introduced a different flavor from what I have experienced with Sólstafir. The contrast was apparent, like coming back to Earth after an intense and intimate communion between the band and us.

Amorphis demonstrated their musical talent impressively, delivering a solid performance. However, my personal taste, still under the spell of Sólstafirs‘ influence, was immersed in the lingering dopamine rush, making the shift more of a personal adjustment than a critique of Amorphis‘ set.

In the end, the night was a testament to the power of metal music. Lost Society ignited the flames, Sólstafir took us on a celestial journey, and Amorphis, while not stealing the spotlight, provided a fitting conclusion to the evening.

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