Kaguramusō – Shakespeare Theater

Kaguramusou played at the InLand International Art Festival on a heavy but very pleasing way.

Created in 2020 by the singer and actress Nanami Akatsuki, the band mix for the best, traditional Japanese instruments with a powerful metal.

Sadly that evening, the band used a tape for the metal part, it would have been better with the whole band on stage. I was even a bit scared at the beginning, I thought that it would be a square and soulless concert.

But but all my doubts were gone rapidly and it didn’t really matter that much in the end, because we had a great performance by musicians that are really skilled with their instrument. And who seems thrilled to play in front of a crowd of connoisseurs.

And… and… there was a special guest, in the person of Waclaw Zimpel, a composer & producer, but above all, an accomplished clarinetist. Between the metal songs, he was on stage for a 1-1 musical performance with successively one of the musician. Was it improvisation? It would seems like, as he was planned during the same day only. One last change of plan, and a very well thought one.

It was a delight to hear and see this friendly confrontation of instruments. The Japanese ones having a colder sound than the very warm brass instruments of Waclaw.

A nice evening, eclectic music, metal, impro, electro. The public was in awe and was asking for much more.

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