Cradle of Filth, Drift, Sick n’ Beautiful & Wednesday 13 – B90

Last night, I found myself fashionably behind schedule – how bizarre! – embracing the mysterious allure of the gothic evening gigs in B90, regrettably bypassing the enigmatic opening act Drift. As I navigated through the pouring rain and the shadows towards the venue, a thought lingered – was I truly late, or was I simply operating on rockstar time?

The answer, much like the music that awaited me inside, remained shrouded in uncertainty and intrigue.

As Sick n’ Beautiful entered, the stage was bathed in an intense blue/black glow, casting an otherworldly spell on the band adorned with body paint and wild rasta hairstyles. Veronica Carli’s voice, though struggling to break through the metal storm, added an eerie layer to the show. Sparks flew, the musicians sported a slightly spooky vibe, and, of course, there was no shortage of gothic imagery. It was a visual feast, though I must admit, deciphering the singer’s vocals was like solving a musical mystery.

Next on the menu was Wednesday 13, resurrecting the Murderdolls‘ legacy. As the guitar chords reverberated through the venue, it was as if the musical necromancy of Wednesday 13 had breathed life into the very essence of the Murderdolls’ spirit. The songs, with their catchy quality, became more than just tunes; they were infectious echoes that spread through the crowd like a supernatural contagion.

And then, the grand finale – the much-anticipated Cradle of Filth. As a fan, my expectations were soaring higher than a guitar riff. The air was pregnant with anticipation as the stage embraced the looming presence of the iconic band. The vocals might have lost a bit of their usual power, but the overall performance was a delight.

The gig unfolded with a masterful blend of darkness and energy, creating a sound that enveloped the audience in the realm of gothic allure. Cradle of Filth delivered what they promised – a night steeped in gothic allure and musical prowess.

In the end, from the mysterious opening act to the heavy rock interlude and the grand finale of Cradle of Filth, the night was a journey through shadows and melodies. Each band brought its own unique flavor to the stage, creating a night that resonated with both the hardcore metal enthusiasts and those casually dipping their toes into the dark waters of the genre.

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