Pull The Wire – Drizzly Grizzly

A night of punk and post-punk madness in Drizzly Grizzly, featuring Skowyt, Pull the Wire and Zenek Kupatasa

I love Punk concerts; they have this energy that I have never found anywhere else for any other musical genre. Even the thunderous ambiance of Metal concerts falls short of capturing the unparalleled wildness and craziness inherent in punk performances. There’s an untamed, raw rebellious spirit that permeates the air, setting punk apart from the rest. The excitement and energy that pulse through the crowd create an atmosphere of unbridled passion, making every moment a thrilling experience.

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Punk concerts carve a space in my heart. The echoes of frenzied chords and rebellious anthems serve as a nostalgic portal, transporting me back to my youth when I sculpted my identity to the resonating tunes of French punk bands in the vibrant 80s. Punk is not just a musical preference, it has also a profound connection to a time when the raw energy of punk played a pivotal role in shaping who I am today.

It is always with great pleasure that I see people from all ages attending punk concerts. The wild, very energetic youth fully embracing the punk ethos with their distinctive clothes, rebellious hairstyles, and unrestrained pogo dancing. And then, there are the older individuals – the veterans – who appreciate the gig from the back, smiling, their connection to the music transcending the mosh pit.

I’m one of the latest, relishing a concert and capturing moments through my lens from the “safe” area of the photo pit. I put “safe” in brackets because, in the realm of a punk concert, safety takes on a unique meaning for the security personnel. It’s not due to violence; in fact, I’ve never witnessed any fights or violence in a punk concert. The physicality stems from the relentless crowdsurfing and the crowd’s incessant vigor, causing a lively and animated atmosphere. It’s an exhilarating experience, where the energy of the music is translated into a dynamic physicality, creating an environment where even capturing the perfect shot demands a level of resilience and awareness.

I’ve been in the thick of it before, having bruised a few ribs in the past, and last evening was no exception. Despite the presence of two robust security guys, the intensity of the flying bodies was such that I felt several shoes on my back.

The evening kicked off at a blistering pace with Skowyt in an already steamy Drizzly Grizzly. The fervor reached its paroxysm with Pull The Wire. I unfortunately had to leave just after their gig, I didn’t attend the Zenek Kupatasa concert.

Pull The Wire were true to their roots, they delivered a performance that was again tight and exhilarating. Their music exploded from the speakers with a force that resonated deep within. Their music is a potent blend of power and passion, delivered with an infectious energy that leaves audiences breathless, and undoubtedly drains them of all their vigor as they enthusiastically engage in pogoing and crowdsurfing antics.

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