ÅRABROT – New Album “Of Darkness and Light”

Årabrot, the band that graced the stage at last year’s Mystic Festival. That performance was a whirlwind of captivating moments, with their magnetic stage presence and the pulsating energy of their music leaving an indelible mark on us.

Now, they’ve released their latest album, and it’s nothing short of madness – a spectacular musical journey with one hit after another.

The tracklist reads like a manifesto of musical amazingness: “You Cast Long Shadows“, “We Want Blood“, “This is Madness” and “Skeletons Trip the Light Fantastic” are our favorites.

Årabrot is embodied by Kjetil “Tall Man” Nernes and Karin “Dark Diva” Park. They reside in the Swedish countryside, nestled in an old church with their two children. For them, rock ‘n’ roll is not just a genre; it’s a way of life, a musical religion they fervently follow. Their music resonates with an unwavering dedication to the art, and it’s an experience that transcends borders and languages, making it accessible to music enthusiasts worldwide.

Track List: 

Hangman’s House
You Cast Long Shadows
Horrors Of The Past
Cathedral Light
We Want Blood
Skeletons Trip The Light Fantastic
Swan Killer
Love Under Will

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