The Casualties & Danziger – Drizzly Grizzly

It may be a bit cliché, but hell yeah, punk is not dead! Both bands this evening proved it.

I was a bit afraid when Danziger started their gig as nobody was in front of the stage, but that rapidly changed after a couple of songs. They recently changed their bass player, and played for a too short 40 minutes set. Even tho I found the bass player a bit too quiet and immobile – it’s a punk band! – she played very good. They have some very good songs which are totally in tune with the punk spirit.

After a quick pause to set up the stage, The Casualties stormed in under the screams and applause of the crowd. Having played street punk for nearly 30 years now, they did an effective concert that pleased the hard core fans. Wall of death, pogo, crowd-surfing, you had everything. Lots of energy on stage and on the floor.

It was even madness, friendly frantic madness. And it was the first time I saw security in Drizzly Grizzly doing some kind of crowd control!

Yeah, punk is not dead, it’s still alive and young generation can still adhere to that genre that is not only about playing fast & loud music or even be dressed in a certain way. Being punk is more than that.

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