Rammstein – Warsaw – [STORIES]

It was loud, with plenty of flames and explosions. Welcome to a Rammstein concert!

The show started with a big bang, we have been warned. This is going to be different than any other metal concert. It’s going to be provocative, very loud, and with lots of fire and explosion.

Since I photograph concert, I’ve seen lots of Metal performances, but never anything like this one. First, the stage is massive and impressive, and may be it’s only me, but I found it to have some sort of Lord of the Rings vibe. And then the pyrotechnics! They play with fire like kids with water. But all that would be pointless without the music. Everything is very well thought. It’s difficult to think about a Rammstein concert without fire and kabooms. It all fit perfectly together. Each entity is there to support the others.

They started their encore with Engel, on an island stage in the middle of the crowd. With Duo Abélard on the piano. It was beautiful with all the phone lights around them. And then, they just came back to the main stage on little pneumatic boaties. The end of the concert was even more epic.

A little something about the support band – Duo Abélard. I love piano. And it was just amazing. At first, I found it a little strange to hear that before a concert of extreme metal, but after thinking about it, it was just perfect.

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