Paradise Lost & Sunnata – B90

It wasn’t without a certain excitement that I went to see Paradise Lost last Saturday.

I really appreciate them, the sadness in their music, the depressive lyrics – sometimes, – and even if I’m an happy person now, we can’t close our eyes on the whole actual situation. Pandemics, wars, global warming, the rise of extremism and religious bigotry in some countries… There is really no hope in sight.

But let’s go back to last night of great doom music. Despite the quite high price of the tickets, people didn’t balk to come to show their dedication to Paradise Lost. And they were not deceived.

I totally enjoyed – and I wasn’t the only one – when Holmes interacted with the public, and how he told us when he got lost one day in Gdansk because he was too drunk to find his way back to the hotel. Drinking stories always make the public happy. Because they are so familiar to us.

They ended the evening with Ghosts. Nothing else to add. It was then time to go home and listen to some loud Paradise Lost before sleeping, if my neighbors allow me! Which, well here is a spoiler, they didn’t. Even in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, they don’t like to listen to Metal. Poor neighbors.

Enjoy the pictures and do not hesitate to like, share or promote our work. Scroll down for a little video of their concert!

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