Parpaing Papier – Croire au Printemps

Rating: 5 out of 5.

We wrote about Parpaing Papier back in 2019 with the release of their debut single “Tester des Casques“. Catchy music, funny & absurd lyrics, their songs stay in your head for hours.

They have now unleashed their first album this June – “Croire au Printemps“. 12 tracks that definitively confirm that French rock is not dead.

A quatuor from Nantes – France, born in 2019, Parpaing Papier is composed of Martin (Voice), Clothilde (Guitar), Fabrice (Bass Guitar) and Corentin (Drums).

Their latest album contains 12 tracks, with some really good rock songs like “Cadeau de Cowboy“, “Le Choix” or “Tester des Vestes“, a real treat for your ears and soul. Songs to cheer you up and put a smile on your face for the rest of the day.

Our favorite track would certainly be “Dans ma Fusée“, the story of a kid dreaming of being a space pilot heading for a paradise of a planet to save humanity and all life . Funny lyrics by times, and yet somehow manage to carry some deep message.

They even have a 2 minutes track of Post Rock heaven – “2056“.

Listen to their album below. And Buy their album and merchandising here

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