Mystic Festival: Happy New Year with New Announcements!

In this foggy new year 2024, brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of Polish musical mastery at Mystic Festival! Nine additions to the program, all hailing from the land of pierogi and discopolo – Mānbryne, Owls Woods Graves, Schizma, Zamilska, Ampacity, Embrional, Sznur, Hellfuck, and .Wavs.!

In the dark corners of Polish black metal, where nihilism and despair dance hand in hand, Mānbryne stands tall, presenting “Interregnum: O pr​óbie wiary i jarzmie zwątpienia” an album that’s basically a crash course in how to embrace the void. Meanwhile, Sznur, with their “Ludzina” serves up misanthropy with a side of ear-shattering brutality – your perfect soundtrack for a misanthropic day.

Enter Owls Woods Graves, the blackpunk hooligans of the scene. No souls here, just a chaotic symphony of anti-establishment anthems that you’ll find yourself shouting along to. Embrional, known for an album ominously titled “The Devil Inside” cranks up the devilish content in their death metal – and surprise, surprise, Hellfuck, a side project exuding old-school speed/thrash metal vibes, also smells like a one-way ticket to hell. Gdansk, get ready for a showdown of apocalyptic proportions.

But wait, Mystic Festival isn’t just about metal – we’ve got hardcore masters Schizma, who, with their recent banger “Upadek” prove that they’re the kings of American hardcore in the heart of Poland. Zamilska, fresh off an autumn tour with Furia, promises a merciless mechanical music massacre. And for the brave souls out there, Ampacity invites you on a psychedelic post-rock trip into the great unknown.

And last but not least, .Wavs. from Krakow. Starting as a nod to the golden grunge era, they’ve evolved into purveyors of fantastic alternative rock – or maybe alternative hard rock, if that’s even a thing. Let the musical mayhem begin!

Mystic Camp is Back!

Ah, the legendary Mystic Camp is set to make a glorious return in 2024 after proving its success in 2023! Nestled at Plac Zebrań Ludowych, right in the festival’s backyard, this is the ultimate haven for music enthusiasts. Secure your spot now for an unforgettable experience because, let’s face it, enjoying the great outdoors is always in style.

For a mere PLN 149, claim your throne in the camp and revel in the festival vibes throughout its duration. And guess what? They’ve even got parking covered for your precious private car, a privilege exclusively for Mystic Camp residents. Want your ride to join in the festival fun? Well, just add an extra PLN 149 for the entire festival period.

Now, for the adventurous souls rolling into Mystic Camp with a camper, they’ve got you covered. For a slightly steeper but completely worthwhile price of PLN 499, you not only get a parking spot but also an electricity connection (up to 2kW).

So, buckle up, music warriors! Mystic Camp awaits, and trust me, this is not your average camping experience. It’s a musical pilgrimage, a sanctuary for festival aficionados, and quite possibly the best money you spend in 2024. Don’t miss out – grab your tickets and let the Mystic Camp festivities begin!

Newest Newest Announcements!!!

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