Czechoslovakia – Ziemia

Ziemia is a nice bar club where you can enjoy some very interesting alternative bands. Located in Wrzeszcz, not so far away from train station, on the main Avenue Grunwalzdka. Even though the lightning is difficult from a photographer perspective, the concert was worth it and plenty of people showed up despite the cold and rainy fall evening.

I was nicely invited by Czechoslovakia, a local band who plays loud music inspired by the 90’s. Last Friday, they had guests stars with Mateusz Bartoszek from Żurawie – who we photographed already a couple of times here and here – and Mateusz Schmaltz – an electronic music producer who played before in hardcore punk bands Idol Falls and Seaborn.

Very friendly atmosphere, crazy guests stars, a drummer at the front of the stage, good music. Well, that was an entertaining evening. Unfortunately I had to leave to attend the also excellent Sea Saw in WR that same evening.

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