Tides From Nebula – From Voodoo to Zen LP

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I won’t lie, I wasn’t a big fan of Post Rock a few years back. That was until I saw Tides From Nebula live here in Gdańsk. I’ve seen them 4 times already – first time was if I remember well about 7 years ago – and each time, it was such a pleasure to listen to and see them.

When they released “Ghost Horses” few weeks ago, I was really enthusiastic. If the rest of the album was of the same quality, that would mean an amazing album was going to make a lot of noise worldwide soon…

…And the album came. I really love it – another vinyl to buy I presume. This Electro-Post-Rock turn was well thought, some Daft Punk influences sometimes – Tron Legacy – but the whole album has definitively its proper TFN sound.

Now a 3-heads band, the album was self produced and recorded. As says guitarist Maciej Karbowski:

“It seems that being a three piece made us work harder and challenged us to write better music. I’m pretty sure this is one of the reasons the album ended up sounding so rich and epic,” states guitarist Maciej Karbowski. “Musically and visually this new record is a sidestep for us, which came subconsciously. We just followed our gut feeling and as we were recording in our own recording studio, we could work on every small detail and I am sure that this album will develop with every listen. We are super curious about the listeners reaction.”

It seems that loosing a member only benefited the act of creation of TFN. This is surely their most epic work so far and I can’t wait to see them again.

Of course, they will tour Poland. Starting beginning of November. They will play in B90 Gdańsk the 6th of December 2019.

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