Sea You – Tricity Music Showcase – 08-09/04/2022 – Gdańsk, Shakespeare Theater

Sea You will be an amazing event with concerts of local bands, meetings with promoters of the nationwide music industry, media representatives, a photography exhibition and workshops for young stage apprentices. Get knowledge and inspiration!

Sea You Tricity Music Showcase is a two-day celebration of the Tri-City music scene, which will take place at the Shakespeare Theater in early April this year. For two days, we will see the performances of twenty-five artists from the Tri-City. On two stages and in the atmospheric nooks and crannies of the Theater, there will be performances by those who have made their way into the consciousness of nationwide audiences in recent years and those who are just starting their adventure with music. Concerts of local bands will be accompanied by meetings with representatives of the nationwide music industry and panel discussions for young adepts of the music scene.

The panelists and guests will include people responsible for the successes of many stars of the Polish music scene. They will include producers, visual artists, journalists and managers. From technical aspects to practice and image issues, the artists and specialists on site will help increase your knowledge and inspire a new generation.

In the 1980s, Tri-City was one of the most active places on the musical map of Poland, but so far no cyclical cultural project with a well-thought-out strategy and cyclicality has appeared here, tailored to the possibility of developing local artists based on the experience of many people from the industry – young and talented people with great potential, enthusiastically creating fresh music projects – says Arkadiusz Stolarski, president of the LIVE Agency.

SEA YOU is the first edition of the event to breathe fresh spirit into the Tri-City and Pomeranian music scene. On the stage of the Shakespeare Theater we will see, among others Wojtek Mazolewski playing the new album YUGEN, Resina, Nagrobki, 1988, Próżnia and many more!

The showcase program is varied and not oriented towards one or two musical genres. – In this way, we want to show the great potential of the Tri-City music scene, where many talented and interesting bands are formed, but for various reasons they do not always manage to move from the Tri-City to Poland or the world – says Arkadiusz Hronowski, the founder of the B90 Club.

The goal is to create a platform that will show the best of Tri-City’s music every year. It will be a meeting place for people from the industry, exchange of ideas and energy, which has always characterized the Tri-City.

Friday, 08/04/2022

Alfah Femmes
Alone at Home
Free Games for May
Why Bother
Wojtek Mazolewski – Yugen
Zespół Sztylety

Saturday, 09/04/2022

The Cassino
Lonker See
Sea Saw



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