Mystic Festival 2023 – Part One

First day. The sun beat down mercilessly as Mystic Festival erupted into life on a scorching Wednesday. The air crackled with an electric energy, signaling the commencement of a mind-bending spectacle. With three stages poised to unleash metal madness, the atmosphere swirled with the promise of an exceptional Millésime, where the elements aligned seamlessly – the blistering weather, the long-awaited bank holiday, and a lineup of legendary proportions, conspiring to birth an epic triumph.

For four relentless days, the festival grounds transformed into an inferno of heat, a stark contrast to the preceding year. I navigated the labyrinthine maze of stages and densely packed die-hard fans, relentlessly chasing the echoes of transcendent performances that reverberated through the air. The sun, a steady tormentor, laughed at my persistence, but salvation arrived in the form of ice-cold beers and an army of food trucks, nourishing my body and quenching my soul.

With every sip of the cool liquid gold, mainly a white beer, a surge of vitality coursed through my veins, rejuvenating my spirit and reviving my exhausted physique. I indulged in an abundance of delectable treats, replenishing my energy reserves and fortifying myself for the wild nights that lay ahead. The organizers, in a stroke of thoughtfulness, provided a sanctuary for the media, a tent with an endless supply of water, coffee and tea, a lifeline amidst the tempestuous sea of sensory overload. Their consideration did not go unnoticed, as we owed them a profound debt of gratitude for providing a respite to gather our thoughts and recharge our spirits before plunging back into the relentless current of Mystic Festival.

Armed with my trusty camera, I roamed the festival grounds, capturing the passion and vitality that radiated from both the musicians and the fans. Every click of the shutter froze moments of euphoria and bliss in eternal frames, immortalizing the joy that saturated the air.

Long before the first notes pierced the atmosphere, a tidal wave of fervent fans surged forward, driven by an insatiable hunger to be consumed by the imminent auditory onslaught. The lineup beckoned with an army of musical warriors, ready to lay waste to the senses. From the bone-crushing intensity of Drown my Day and Defleshed to the presence of Phil Campbell, each act seized the stage with a savage fervor that defied description. R.I.P., Stengah, Destroyer 666, and Ne Obliviscaris to name a few. It was a testament to the festival’s dedication to curating a lineup as diverse as it was ferocious.

R.I.P., a late addition to the already formidable roster, emerged as replacements with a determination, and a performance that transcended mere music, becoming an earth-shattering revelation. The band gave an explosion of sound that left jaws unhinged and bodies convulsing with an irrepressible surge of energy.

Stengah, with their incendiary riffs and relentless percussion, ignited the crowd with such an intensity! The singer’s magnetic stage presence forged an unbreakable connection with the audience, heightening the fervor of their already amazing performance.

On the B90 stage, Destroyer 666 materialized like a cataclysmic force of nature. Their music, a tempest of metal fury, tore through the air, leaving nobody untouched by its savage intensity.

The final act of the day for me, Ne Obliviscaris, delivered a monumental blow that reverberated through my very core. Their unique fusion of progressive metal and classical elements cast a hypnotic spell, captivating my senses. Their melodies and breathtaking performances stood as a testament to the boundless creativity and raw talent that graced the Mystic stage.

Dear reader, stay tuned as I plunge deeper into the realm of Mystic Festival. It has only just begun, yet it has already bestowed upon us unforgettable performances.

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