Mystic 2024 – More Announcement

Prepare yourselves for the next wave of revelations as Mystic Festival 2024 unveils a lineup that will undoubtedly set the metal world ablaze. From legendary icons to rising stars, this year’s festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of the genre.

Kicking things off with a thunderous roar, the iconic German heavy metal veterans, Accept, return to the stage with their timeless sound. After over four decades in the business, Accept remains a live force to be reckoned with. Their blend of classic heavy metal and modern power metal continues to captivate audiences, ensuring that their shows are always brimming with high-energy anthems.

Life of Agony, a quintessential New York City outfit with roots dating back to the early ’90s, are poised to bring their unique fusion of heavy metal, hardcore, and grunge to Mystic Festival 2024. Their emotionally charged lyrics and musical prowess are set to resonate with fans, marking a triumphant return since their reunion in 2010.

London-based metalcore sensation, Ithaca, emerges as a potent force in the scene, captivating audiences with their potent blend of heavy metal, hardcore, and punk. Fresh off the release of their critically acclaimed album, “They Fear Us” in 2022, their live performances promise an electrifying and intense experience that’s not to be missed.

Sanguisugabogg, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, embodies the very essence of brutal death metal. With their unapologetically savage music and over-the-top stage presence, they’re not for the faint of heart. However, they remain one of the most thrilling bands in the contemporary death metal scene.

But that’s not all! The legendary Bruce Dickinson, known for his frontmanship in Iron Maiden, will grace the Mystic Festival 2024 stage. His unparalleled status in the world of metal ensures an electrifying performance that’s bound to leave the crowd in awe.

New York City’s Suffocation, masters of technical and brutal death metal, promise a relentless and crushing live experience, while Poland’s own Blackgold adds an atmospheric and melodic touch to the festival.

And last but certainly not least, from the United Kingdom, Humanity’s Last Breath is set to unleash a relentless barrage of deathcore intensity that will assault the senses and leave a lasting impression.

With these astounding acts already revealed, we can hardly contain our excitement for what else Mystic Festival 2024 has in store. Stay tuned as we eagerly await more announcements and prepare for a metal extravaganza like no other!


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