Mantarochen’s debut mini album “In the Badgers Cave”

Mantarochen’s debut mini-album, “In The Badgers Cave” released under It’s Eleven Records, offers an intriguing exploration of cold wave and post-punk aesthetics. The album opens with evocative imagery, likening the experience to a cool infusion flowing through the veins, setting the stage for a captivating experience.

“We are Diana, Tom, and Sebi” as they simply introduce themselves. Tom and Sebi’s friendship stretches back to teenage years spent on skateboards, where their mutual love for music first ignited. Fate intervened once more when Sebi crossed paths with Diana amidst the skate parks of 2020, starting a musical partnership that completed the trio. “Basically, the three of us share a friendship and common interests” they add with a glint of camaraderie.

Leipzig serves as the present-day backdrop for their creative endeavors, yet each member’s roots stretch beyond. “Originally, Tom and Sebi come from Coburg, and Diana is from a small village in Thuringia” they shared, hinting at the nostalgia of distant landscapes.

Describing their musical essence, they echo the words of Fabrizio Lusso from the “White Light//White Heat” blog, painting their sound as “a stripped-down, spiky and sharp guitar-driven Post-Punk sound, in the 80s NDW tradition of X-Mal Deutschland and Abwärts”. This vivid imagery conjures a musical atmosphere rooted in urgency and punk ethos.

Their musical journey is punctuated by influences spanning decades and continents. “Early ’80s wave and punk bands like Abwärts, The Cure, Joy Division, or Das Kabinette” they cite, alongside modern inspirations such as Lebanon Hanover, weaving a rich combination of eclectic influences.

When questioned about the inspiration behind their mini-album, their answer is refreshingly simple: “Just the joy of making music” with unfiltered passion.

In The Badgers Cave” possesses a mesmerizing quality, with hooklines that seduce the listener into its cryptic world. The album manages to weave tragedy between its lines, appealing to those attuned to its melancholic allure.

The vocals, characterized by a distant and ethereal quality, float above the music, adding a haunting dimension to the sound. The lyrics hint at themes of longing and introspection, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the album’s cryptic world.

Organic bass lines and rhythmic precision drive the songs forward with nonchalant energy, creating a compelling momentum. The synths envelop the music in a metallic sheen that enhances the atmospheric quality of the tracks.


1. Reflection

2. Im Sand

3. Jaguar

4. Grey

5. Blue Heads

6. Still Black


Diana – Synth, Vocals

Sebi – Guitar

Tom – Bas

Each track on the EP, they emphasize, is a snapshot of their collective emotions, captured in real-time during their creative process. “There isn’t really a specific track. We don’t want to have a specific essence” they ponder, embracing the fluidity of artistic expression.

As for the future, they speak of pauses and possibilities. “To be honest, we’re taking a break for now”, they reveal with a shared understanding. Sebi and Diana plan to immerse themselves in the mountains, accompanied by their loyal dog and a herd of cows, gathering inspiration from nature’s symphony. Tom, meanwhile, holds fort in Leipzig, anticipating reunions and creative collaborations. “After that, we’re looking forward to playing concerts and maybe doing a little tour” they envision, their words tinged with anticipation and dreams of shared stages.

In the world of Mantarochen, music flows from friendships forged on skateboards and harmonies spun from the whispers of nature. Theirs is a journey guided by joy, painted in hues of post-punk vigor and unbridled creativity.


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