Leprous – B90

I had the great pleasure to go to the Leprous, Klone and Maraton concert last night.

It was a nice evening of atmospheric and progressive metal, with Leprous as main act who is touring for the promotion of their latest LP “Pitfalls“.

First, the Norwegian Maraton, they sound a bit like Leprous and the singer is very lively on stage. Only a couple of hundred people in the club but still, not empty. It seemed like everybody entered the premises just for Leprous. Which was a mistake really. Because then came Klone.

They are french and did a hell of a performance. Very emotional. The singer has a great voice, and the musicians very professional. I thought the set was way too short. And like they say, they transport you for a great journey through music.

“Our music allows the listener to travel and ask, ‘What is the spirit? What is the matter?’ and those kinds of questions,” says guitarist Guillaume Bernard. “The title refers to the wandering of the mind. It all came our singer [Yann Ligner] who came up with something in English like ‘The Great Journey’. We all liked the meaning but weren’t sure how it sounded. Eventually we realised it would be easy enough for people to translate and understand in our native tongue.”

Finally came Leprous. And it was also a great performance, everything was perfect, Einar’s voice and presence on stage – joking that for him it was a big task to talk and interact with the public (something I totally understand) – were amazing. The musicians, all dressed the same, were excellent. And what a light show! One of the best light show I’ve seen in B90. It perfectly fitted the show. A lot of superlatives, but it’s true. An impressive performance.

I was a bit apprehensive to attend the concert, I was not very enthusiastic when I listened to their music, but their concert was very good and I will definitively watch them again when they will come back.

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