Globaltica 2024


The year 2024 heralds the dawn of a new, reinvigorated Globaltica experience. Brace yourself for an even more captivating festival that delves deeper into the contemporary world over three vibrant days amidst the serene setting of Kolibki Park.

Embark on a global adventure without leaving Poland. Gdynia’s renowned Globaltica festival returns this summer, promising a whirlwind of music, workshops, and cultural discovery that will ignite your senses and expand your worldview.

Bid farewell to conventional festival offerings. Globaltica transcends boundaries, celebrating diverse musical genres from around the world. Picture yourself swaying to the infectious beats of Colombian salsa before being entranced by the soulful melodies of a Tuareg desert blues band. This is the essence of Globaltica – a captivating journey guided by the universal language of music.

But it’s not merely about the sounds. The festival offers a multi-sensory experience, wellness workshops and talks focused on mindfulness and relaxation. Explore the village and treat your palate to a global food fair, featuring culinary delights from every corner of the globe.

The picturesque Park Kolibki in Orłowo provides the perfect backdrop for this vibrant celebration. Imagine lounging on a grassy meadow, surrounded by the scent of pine trees mingling with exotic spices, as music from across the globe washes over you. Globaltica is a festival for all ages, inviting you to lose yourself in the rhythm, uncover musical treasures, and connect with fellow culture enthusiasts.

While this year’s lineup remains a mystery, past editions have boasted a stellar array of artists representing the best in world music. From the dynamic energy of contemporary groups to the enchanting allure of traditional sounds, Globaltica promises an unforgettable journey for the curious music explorer.

So, mark your calendars! If you seek a festival experience beyond the ordinary, Gdynia’s Globaltica awaits. Celebrate cultural diversity, expand your musical horizons, and create memories to cherish forever.


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