Renata Przemyk & Dagadana in Stary Manez

Renata Przemyk, a powerhouse in the Polish music scene, embodies the true spirit of a bohemian artist – her voice soars, carrying with it a heart full of captivating stories.

Her musical journey kicked off with the electrifying band Ya Hozna in the late ’80s. Their sound, a lively fusion of folk and rock influences, made waves with their debut album “Ya Hozna” quickly achieving cult status.

A gifted songwriter, she crafts lyrics infused with raw emotion and poetic depth. Her solo career showcases her versatility, spanning introspective ballads to foot-stomping anthems. Her music explores life’s complexities – love, loss, strength, and the enduring human spirit – captivating audiences with each note.

Unafraid of new challenges, she has also lent her talents to theatrical productions, composing music that seamlessly enhances stage dramas. Her reinterpretation of Leonard Cohen’s songs further highlights her artistic depth.

In May 2024, Renata Przemyk is set to release a new album, “Vera to Ja” with Dagadana; a Polish-Ukrainian band that blends elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture with jazz, electronics, and world music.

This album represents a significant milestone in Renata’s musical exploration, incorporating new ethnic elements into her older songs and reflecting her deepening connection with nature and her inner self.

Those fortunate enough to attend her concert experienced her authenticity firsthand. Last night in Stary Manez, the concert atmosphere was incredibly soothing. The hall was illuminated in a way that evoked feelings of calm and relief. The flickering candlelight in the bar area prepared everyone for what was to come: a magnificent journey from outward to inward.

The musicians greeted the audience from a stage adorned with flowers, dressed in folk-inspired outfits. The women sported beautiful flower wreaths on their heads. The band’s presence transported us to times when people lived in close connection with nature, the elements, and their inner selves. The singers delivered an exceptional performance, sharing lyrics that touch the deepest parts of the heart. Songs were prefaced with reflections that took us even further into the musical journey.

Przemyk herself commands the stage with a captivating presence. Her voice, both potent and tender, casts a spell over the audience. She invests every note with her heart and soul. With Dagadana, she invited us on a transformative musical voyage that celebrates life, joy, depth, and the timeless essence of womanhood.

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